How we work


Our workplace

Qualified employees with long-standing experience are the core of our company. We value those who do the job for you with due care and precision. That’s how we make sure about quality of our products.

We can guarantee that our products meet your expectations; and if you do have old, touched by time chests it will be our pleasure to perform renovation and repair work on them; that will include adding new parts and equipment.

Jak działamy

Jak działamy


Our realizations

We had the pleasure to work for clients from many industries. We are proud that our equipment protects instruments of orchestras, high-end music bands, companies from the stage industry, or – custom-made – cases for firefighters.

We will also be happy to secure your products.



Music has been flowing through our veins forever. We value the musicians as well as the whole industry. Oftentimes we let our musical souls take over and give vent to our undisguised love for sounds by playing in the bands.

On our Spotify account you can hear what we like and what often accompanies us in our daily work.

Jak działamy